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Payment for a water and sewer service is due upon receipt and past due 15 days from the billing date. A 10% late penalty is charged for payments received after 5:00 pm on the 15th of the month.


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About Our Department

Alma Water & Wastewater is committed to providing high quality drinking water to the families in our area, while protecting the environment through excellent wastewater treatment.


Alma Water and Wastewater is municipally owned and operated.  However, operations are fully supported by water and wastewater rates.


Our water originates in beautiful Lake Alma.  The water is purified at the Alma Water Treatment Facility before distribution to the Cities of Alma, Dyer, Kibler and Redhill Water Users.  Alma’s water is ozonated for quality taste and fluoridated for oral health. Alma’s water has been a first place recipient of Arkansas’s drinking water taste contest.


To complete the cycle, our wastewater is efficiently collected and transferred to the Alma Wastewater Treatment Facility where aerated lagoons thoroughly process the waste before the water returns to the Arkansas River.


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